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Charles <3 Chaleur

We caught up with Charles on a busy June morning to get “up close and personal” on a lobster fishing day and, of course, to ask him: “Why do you <3 Chaleur?”

 Published Jun 20

Meet Charles the fisherman, from Petit-Rocher.

Acadian, Lobster fisherman, lover of good local food and the sea.

Charles the fisherman on an early June morning.

So, Charles, what’s your favourite place in the region?
C: "Right about now, I would have to say my bed!

All joking aside though, I really love the entire Acadian Peninsula and the Chaleur region. Seeing it from a boat gives you a whole different perspective on it, and you really appreciate it in a completely new way."

“Seeing it from a boat gives you a whole different perspective…”

Do you have a spot you usually recommend to tourists?
C: "I always say that if you are visiting the Chaleur region, make sure to see the region on a boat!

We have a beautiful coastal area with so many great locations along the way, but there’s something to be said about the beauty of the littoral!"

[Monty's Pretzelria]

Scratching that pizza itch at Monty’s Pretzelria. 

Where do you love to eat in the region?
C: "I love good food, so I visit our local restaurants probably 10 to 12 times a week; every spot has something special to offer.

When I want a good Seafood Chowder, I go to Cast & Crew Gastropub. When I’m in the mood for an amazing Crab Cake, I go to Fresco kitchen. When I’m craving great pizza, I hit up Monty’s Pretzelria. They all have their own charm and specialties."

Early morning lobster fishing trip with Charles the fisherman.

What do you like about where you live?
C: "I live in Petit-Rocher, and it’s such a beautiful coastal area to be in — whether you live here or are just visiting.

To put it in a few words: I love it here because of the sea, the boats and the beauty the village."

What makes a real difference when you’re visiting? It’s the people. (Photo credit: Beresford, NB)

What sets us apart in the Chaleur region?
C: "You’ll probably hear this from most visitors and even from the people living here: in our region, people are warm, welcoming and kind.

We have the scenery, great food, the sea, festivals, of course…but what makes a real difference when you’re visiting?

It’s the people."


Take your time. Fall in Love.

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