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Beresford Beach

Things to Do in Beresford: Beresford Beach

A beautiful beach at the heart of Beresford. 

Beresford Beach is one of the most popular attractions in the Chaleur Region. Adjacent to the City of Bathurst, it’s the perfect place to relax, bathe in the sun and swim. The birds, the plant life, the sea and the largest salt marsh in the Chaleur Region afford plenty of opportunities for those who like to observe and photograph nature. Visitors can take advantage of the walking trails, two wooden boardwalks and the observation tower. The population is primarily French speaking. However, a great majority of Beresford residents communicate well in both French and English.

Watch for it! You’re here!! Undoubtedly, this tranquil place on the Chaleur Bay is breathtaking. Within the winding boundaries of salt marshes, Beresford lounges along the shores of the bay, providing accessible boardwalks and salt water beaches. This peaceful and unique setting makes Beresford an ideal home to its iconic butterfly, the Maritime Ringlet. You’ll be amazed by the soft sand and the calm motion of the sea on your toes. Enjoy festivals and special events, camping, the Farmers’ Market, the outdoor beach theater and youth activities.

An ultra-modern landing invites you to tour the calm waters of the salt marshes by kayak, canoe, or paddle board to discover the Maritime Ringlet, wild flowers or aquatic birds… just a few steps and you’re there. By nature, Beresford is a perfect destination. Step out, feel it…and take a deep breath!

*** You can enjoy the rental of fat bikes, kayaks and paddle boards for FREE! More details by calling 542-2792 during office opening hours.

*** The beach also has a floating wheelchair for people with reduced mobility. It will be available during the opening hours of the beach.


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