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ClassikFest Chaleur
Music Show Bathurst

Classic music festival in the Chaleur region.

Les Gars du Nord et Cayouche

Acadian Show at K.C. Irving Regional Center in Bathurst!

Beresford fête l'Acadie
Beach Music Beresford

Celebrations surrounding the National Acadian Day in Beresford. 

Nigadoo and Pointe-Verte celebrate l'Acadie
Festival Nigadoo Pointe-Verte

Come celebrate l'Acadie with the village of Nigadoo and the village of Pointe-Verte!

Les Éloizes
Culture Music

Celebrating the artistic culture of all of Acadie!

Défi Nepisiguit Challenge
Nature Sport

Come and have fun in this extraordinary outdoor playground that is northeast of New Brunswick! WI...

Cranberry Festival
Events Food

The 2022 edition of the Cranberry Festival will take place on October 15-16 in Pokeshaw!

Festival des Rameurs 2023
Music Sport Petit-Rocher Water Festival

Every year, rain or shine, the crossing of the Bay of Chaleur brings thousands of people to the a...

Blues d’la Baie 2023
Music Petit-Rocher Festival Culture

Blues d'la Baie will celebrate its 7th edition in 2023, from July 27st to July 30th.

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