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6 Beaches that are Worth the Trip [Updated for 2024]

Unforgettable sunsets, warm water, long stretches of sand, and landscapes like nowhere else in the world…this summer, fall in love with our beaches one footstep at a time!

 Published Apr 08

Unforgettable sunsets, warm water, long stretches of sand, and landscapes like nowhere else in the world…this summer, fall in love with our beaches one footstep at a time!

In need of a vacation by the sea? Plan a road trip to the Chaleur Region to unwind and soak in the sun!

Set along one of UNESCO’s Most Beautiful Bays in the World, our beaches offer the perfect change of scenery to help you get away from your everyday routine. 

Here are 6 beaches that are definitely worth a visit in the Chaleur Region!

Youghall Beach

Where? 1525 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bathurst

Why? The impeccable sand and the proximity to nearby attractions.

[Youghall Beach]

Your vacation will start when you make it to the parking lot and take a deep breath of the sea breeze! Reach the warm sand by walking on the beautiful boardwalk above the beachgrass.

Thanks to the City of Bathurst’s high-tech beach groomer, you’ll find sand just as beautiful as in any one of the great provincial parks of New Brunswick, all while enjoying the tranquility of the Chaleur Region.

Angling for some action?

There’s no better spot than Youghall Beach for mackerel and striped bass fishing. It’s also a great location for boating, kite surfing, and kayaking…or simply to watch sailboats passing by.

Did you know that the beach is located at only 5 minutes from the Gowan Brae Golf & Country Club?

Plan the perfect vacation day starting with a golf game, followed by a refreshing swim!

Beresford Beach

Where? East Park Street, John Cormier Street, Beresford

Why? To go fat biking on the sand or discover the unique ecosystem of a salt marsh while kayaking!

[Beresford Beach]

One of the greatest attractions in Northeastern New Brunswick, Beresford Beach offers fantastic scenery.

A sandbar as far as the eye can see, a long boardwalk above the water, an observation tower with a great view of the bay…

…it’s the perfect spot to bask in the sun or find some freshness while discovering the fauna and flora that are specific to the Beresford salt marsh.

If you’re looking for some extra adventure, kayaks, fat bikes, and paddle boards are available to book for FREE! Borrow a fat bike and ride on the beach or go kayaking on the high tide to explore the marsh from a little closer! For reservations, call (506) 542-2792 between the opening hours  of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Beresford beach also now offers a specialized floating chair for people with reduced mobility, which will be available at the beach during opening hours.

Parc de la plage - Beach

Where? 353 Rue Principale, Petit-Rocher

Why? To create magic memories with the kids and eat a delicious picnic at sunset.

[Parc de la Plage - Beach ]

Vibrant colours from the lush, tall trees, the flapping flags above the quaint streets, the bright little shops, and the sea in the background all add to the charm of this village. If you follow Rue Principale, you’ll find the Parc de la plage.

This beach is the perfect spot for a great picnic in the shade, and taking in the coastal scenery.

This beach is also an amazing natural playground for the kids. On the grass or in the sand, your little ones will have a blast.

When the tide is low, the beach is ideal for some splashing fun with your kids as the water is shallow for several meters.

Pokeshaw Beach

Where? NB-11, Pokeshaw

Why? To have a peek at the emblematic Pokeshaw Rock from the belvedere!

[Pokeshaw Beach]

A little piece of wonderland, the Pokeshaw Beach will mesmerize you!

A highlight of this beach is Pokeshaw Rock, one of the most beautiful and surprising landmarks you’ll find in the Chaleur Bay.

Admire the breathtaking landscape as you go down one of the little paths leading to the beautiful sand…

…and discover all the birds happily living on Pokeshaw Rock!

Seaglass enthusiasts will love this quiet space!

This beach is the perfect spot to relax and take a few hours to disconnect from your busy lifestyle.

Roherty Point Beach

Where? Roherty Rd, Belledune

Why? To go fishing at sunrise or to appreciate the unique pebble patterns found on the shore.

[Roherty Point Beach]

Belledune’s Roherty Point Beach is a prime destination for mackerel fishing as well as shore fishing in general.

You’ll definitely want to bring your kayak and fishing attire along with you!

With the several camping sites located in the vicinity, you can go shore fishing during the day and then return to your RV to grill your catch on the BBQ!

Also renowned for its multicoloured pebbles and magnificent sand, this beach is a wonderful place to relax in the sun…or do some intense beachcombing!

(Don’t forget your beach buckets at home!)

Plan some time for some sightseeing in the scenic walking trails or around the marsh area and explore the diverse habitat and wildlife.

Belvedere Beach

Where? Take exit 321 on Road NB-11 and drive through Rue du Moulin to reach the shore

Why? To go see the Nigadoo River and do some birdwatching in  fantastic scenery.

[Nigadoo's Belvedere]

At the NB-11 exit, take the picturesque Rue du Moulin and head straight towards the beach that you will already see in the background.

Belvedere Beach is one of those many hidden gems our region has to offer. The natural and almost silvery decor of this beach is exquisitely beautiful.

Here, you can enjoy a sheltered picnic area with a breathtaking view of the sea from the top of the capes.

Go for a walk towards the Nigadoo River on one side and see the river empty into the bay (while appreciating the chitter-chatter of the many birds that gather there!)…

…or head towards the magnificent Beresford Beach for some Chaleur-style beach hopping!

We recommend visiting during low tide to explore a surprise pathway going into the Bay of Chaleur!


So, which one of our beaches will you stick your parasol on this summer?


Take your time. Fall in Love.

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