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A Snowmobiler’s Paradise in New Brunswick

This winter, gear up for a snowmobile adventure of its own in Northern New Brunswick’s Chaleur Region. The Chaleur Region is well known for being a snowmobiler’s dream come true.

 Published Dec 07

Whether we are talking about snow accumulation, fantastic trail conditions, outstanding snowmobile clubs and lodges, or the local joie de vivre, this region offers it all!

The Chaleur advantage

The Chaleur Region falls in a sweet spot for snowmobilers as it connects the FCMQ trail system to the Northern Odyssey and the rest of New Brunswick.

And that’s only one part of the Chaleur advantage!

Indeed, some of New Brunswick’s highest snowfalls are found right here in the Chaleur Region! In Bathurst alone, the average snowfall per winter season is over 400 cm.

That’s a whole lot of white gold!

Our snowmobile season is also among the longest in North America, with our clubs running and delivering high-quality trail grooming from mid-December to mid April.

Be sure to get your permit early!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a snowmobile trip without the fresh air and the sights of pristine natural landscape.

You’ll discover places that are difficult to access any other time of the year and that offer the most magnificent views of all.

One thing is certain, a snowmobile trip in the Chaleur Region will be the highlight of your winter!

Trails that lead everywhere

In the Chaleur Region, snowmobiling is part of our identity. That’s right, everything is laid out for the hard-core snowmobiler.

Here, you’ll find over 600 km of snowmobile trails proudly maintained by passionate volunteers and staff members coordinated by our three local snowmobile clubs.

We also have snowmobile-accessible hotels, restaurants, lodges, and gas stations along the trails ready to welcome new and returning sledders.

Our trails lead to most areas of New Brunswick and also allow you to access the Northern Odyssey, a long loop connecting the cities of Bathurst, Edmundston, Campbellton and the Acadian Peninsula.

Best of all?

Most of the trails are interconnected, giving snowmobilers the possibility to choose different loop options, vary their return paths, or travel longer distances.

Preparing for the journey

Before you can hop on our beautiful trails, there are few things that require your attention.

Here is what you’ll need to drive your snowmobile legally around our trails:

  • Registration: You must carry a proof of registration and a valid piece of ID with you at all times while driving your snowmobile. Snowmobilers need to register their vehicle each year.
  • Safety training certificate: All individuals under the age of 16 must complete a safety training course before they can access our trails. They must also carry their training certificate and be supervised by someone who is at least 19 years of age.
  • Trail Permit: Snowmobilers must obtain a trail permit from the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (NBFSC). (Click here to order your trail permit today.) The trail permit must be attached to the bottom centre of your snowmobile’s windshield at all times.
  • Valid insurance: A proof of valid insurance is also mandatory while snowmobiling on the trails.

Once this is settled, your winter adventure in the Chaleur Region can begin!

The big 3

There are three snowmobile clubs in the Chaleur Region that all tie in together and cooperate with each other to keep the Chaleur trail system fun and safe to use for snowmobilers.

They also collaborate in the organization of the many regional snowmobile-related activities that take place throughout the season.

At these clubhouses, you’ll enjoy some comfort food, great live music, friendly service and a taste of the local hospitality.

Here’s the lowdown on each of “the big 3”.

Chaleur Snowmobile Club (Club no. 4)

The Chaleur Snowmobile Club can be found at about 20 km from Bathurst on Chemin Sormany and is now close to 600 members strong.

Photo of the Chaleur Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Located between our two other local clubs (Supervillage Trailblazers and Nepisiguit Sports Lodge), the Chaleur Snowmobile Club allows perfect connection of the trails and provides all services between the two adjacent clubs. Their trails allow you to visit communities located nearby, such as Beresford, Balmoral, and Nigadoo, and leads to hotels, such as Atlantic Host in Bathurst and Danny’s in Beresford.

The Club manages a total of 187 km of trails that are maintained using their two groomers.

They also offer evening entertainment every weekend. Stop at their lodge, greet old friends and make new sledding buddies!

Visit their website for more information.

Supervillage Trailblazers (Club no. 69)

The Supervillage Trailblazers snowmobile club is located on Archibald Road in Belledune. Its dedicated team of volunteers manages and grooms about 125 km of trails 40 hours a week during the snowmobile season and prepares all the trails in the fall to ensure proper signage and trail conditions.

Photo of the Supervillage Trailblazers snowmobile club on Facebook

The club also has a restaurant and a tavern. It organizes lively events throughout the season and also takes part in snowmobile rallies, such as the Tour de Chaleur.

Make sure to visit their lodge and taste their delicious homemade food!

Connect with them on Facebook for trail conditions and upcoming events.

Nepisiguit Sports Lodge (Club no. 1)

Located in Nepisiguit Falls just south of Bathurst, the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge is the largest club in the province of N. B. with 1348 annual members. The Club is responsible for 300 km of snowmobile trail which stretches from the Atlantic Host Hotel in West Bathurst to Serpentine Lodge adjacent to Serpentine Lake in the northwestern interior of the province.

Photo of the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

The trail system requires constant grooming with heavy grooming equipment from December 15th to April 15th every winter. The club is also required to install and maintain information signs along the total trail system in both directions.

The club has become synonymous with the best trail system in Atlantic Canada and continues to draw hundreds of snowmobilers from outside our region.

You can have daily updates on trail conditions and other important information by going to their website. The website is updated every day at least once (and usually two and three times a day). It is loaded with trail suggestions, comments from visitors and a schedule of events.