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10 good reasons to visit the Chaleur region this summer

Just imagine long sandy beaches, gorgeous trails for hikers and bikers, and delicious seafood… You’ll find all this and more in the Chaleur region. Whether you’re a beach bum or an avid hiker, a serious foodie or a biking enthusiast, the Chaleur region has something for everyone. Read on to discover 10 good reasons to visit us this summer! 

 Published Jul 31

Relax hard on endless sandy beaches

White sand and warm waters ahead! You’ve worked hard, and now you can relax hard. Get ready for a full-on beach holiday in the Chaleur region.

Take the time to beachcomb, explore the cliffs and wonder at the impressive rock at Pokeshaw Beach. Admire this unique rock formation from the glass platform on the top of the cliff.

Youghall Beach is nothing short of the best beaches in the South with its white sand, warm waters, and fun atmosphere. Grab a good book, a summer picnic, and a parasol: you don’t need more to unwind.

The Chaleur region has countless options to take a dip in the ocean, from Roherty Point in Belledune to the Parc de la Plage in Petit-Rocher and the Nigadoo Lookout. We promise you’ll spend a well-deserved relaxing time!

This summer, rediscover Beresford’s beautiful beach and boardwalk on wheels or from the water. The town of Beresford offers kayaks, SUP and fat bikes rentals to visitors and residents alike. Best of all: it’s totally free! Book ahead or just drop in at the beach pavilion.


Go for a ride on our extensive biking trail network

Biking has never been so popular! Come enjoy this fun, easy sport on our pristine network of trails.

Bring your own bikes and go for a ride on the Green Trails of the Chaleur region around downtown Bathurst. Several loops will take you to lookouts and attractions. Go on a local shop, café and brewery tour along the downtown loop, or take off for a longer scenic loop around Bathurst’s harbour.

Adrenaline junkies rejoice! The MFB Chaleur club maintains 15 kilometers of biking trails for all levels. Test yourself on bridges, jumps, skinnies, and other fun features. Start from the Fat Shack by the Squire Green course. These great trails have been lovingly maintained for years by MFB Chaleur: to show your support, consider buying a summer membership for a reasonable price.

Discover some of the best restaurants in New Brunswick

Let us tell you a secret… The Chaleur region has some of the best restaurants in the province!

Start off your day with your caffeine fix at the Auberge d’Anjou-Cocooning Café in Petit-Rocher or the Kaffeine Espresso Bar in downtown Bathurst. Quality coffee with a cozy vibe, anyone?

For lunch, head to Lucia’s Cuisine for a taste of the Philippines, or to the Big D Drive-In for a trip down memory lane. Or what about a wood-fired pizza at the newly opened Pizza13?

For supper, Joey’s Pub has been a crowd’s favorite for years. If you’re feeling fancy, book a table at Fresco Kitchen. Run by Joel Aubie, of Top Chef Canada fame, it’s a hit among locals and visitors. You’ll find a short menu with fresh and local flavours: a literal recipe for success. If you want our opinion, it’s one of the best restaurants in New Brunswick! Another option: Cast & Crew Gastropub. The Hollywood-inspired décor will make you want to finish the day at the movies in the Apollo theater next door.

Browse our many restaurants here

Hike our gorgeous hiking trails

Hiking enthusiasts, hear us out: it doesn’t get any better than the Chaleur region. Where else in New Brunswick can you find a 150-kilometer-long hiking trail? Simply put, the Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail is the longest trail in New Brunswick. From the Mount Carleton provincial park to the Daly Point nature reserve, it’s an amazing playground for thru-hikers. Section hikers can also enjoy this trail without embarking on a 10-day adventure. One of our favorite section is the section which runs from Red Brooks to the Gitpu campsite, where you’ll be able to admire Pabineau Falls from an unusual angle.

Our region offers other hiking trails for the whole family: try birding in the Daly Point nature reserve, looping around the Bathurst harbour on the Green Trails or forest-bathing along the Jacquet Gorge trail.

Just because you can’t hike long distance, doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with our gorgeous landscapes. The Pabineau Falls and the Jacquet River Lookout are great spots to picnic with a view after a very short hike.


Indulge your sweet tooth

The Chaleur region has everything to indulge the sugar-lovers among us.

In the morning, head to the R&J bakery on the Bathurst Waterfront, for your homemade Danish fix. Come early, they’re sold out pretty quickly every day!

Andrea Confectionery is a required stop. In this Willy-Wonka-worthy candy shop, treat yourself to homemade chocolates, gourmet delicacies or candies from around the world.

Is it really summer if you don’t indulge in decadent ice-cream? In Bathurst and Petit-Rocher, the Igloo ice-cream parlors offers soft- and hard-serves in a quirky décor. Try their delicious and popular French crêpes served over the weekend.

Did you know the McFlurry was born in Bathurst? That’s right: it was invented right here in 1959. If you’re a McFlurry fan, visit the birthplace of this worldwide-famous ice-cream at McDonald’s Bathurst.

Experience the fishing culture

Lobster and seafood are staples of the local foodie culture. Lobster fishing goes on from May to June. You’ll find fishing boats at the Pointe-Verte, Petit-Rocher, Stonehaven, and Salmon Beach wharves. While at the Petit-Rocher wharf, enjoy an outdoor art exhibition by Les Arts Visuels de la Baie.

To try some of the best seafood and fish around, head to the Pabineau Seafood Restaurant from May to September. Scallop fans will eat to their heart’s content at Joey’s Pub. You can also buy fish and seafood directly from the Arseneau Fish Market and the McLeans Fish Shop, respectively in Nigadoo and Bathurst.

If you’re more into eating your own catch, contact Bass Pro Fishing. They’ll take you on a fun kayaking fishing trip complete with gear, instructions, and a qualified guide!

Bask in unforgettable sunrises and sunsets

Are you team sunrise or team sunset? In the Chaleur region, we’re convinced the Bay of Chaleur is gorgeous any day, any time – very objectively, obviously. With its endless skies and the hills of the Gaspé peninsula in the background, it’s the perfect spot to catch amazing sky colors.

Team sunrise: early birds will find the best spot for sun-gazing at the Nigadoo Lookout. Don’t miss it when is the tide is out and a little path opens up into the bay.

Team sunset, prepare to be amazed: everywhere you go, you’ll be rewarded by incredible vistas. But if we had to choose one spot for sunset-catching, it would be at the Beresford boardwalk.

Take the time to observe how the colors slowly shift as the sun rises or sets. The show is never the same, from all-out colors to cotton-candy skies. Simply put, there’s no such thing as an unimpressive sunset in the Chaleur region.

Chill out on relaxing patios

Who doesn’t love a good patio to cap a summer day with a nice cold brew? You’ll find plenty of bars and microbreweries with a patio in the Chaleur region.

For a brew with a view, head to the 13 Barrels microbrewery and its patio overlooking the Bathurst harbour. This summer, you can also order homemade paninis from the Cocooning Café.

Au Bootlegger is a bar with an impressive local microbrew menu. Come enjoy a Chaleur-made beer on its huge patio. You can also grab a bite with some classic pub fare like burgers and nachos.

Both beer and wine lovers will agree that Murray Avenue has no shortage of patios. The Four Rivers microbrewery and the wine bar Vino are just a stone’s throw from each other.

Simply take the time

Vacations are for taking your time. Come stroll on the Promenade Waterfront in downtown Bathurst and enjoy a leisurely pace.

Gaze at the 360° view from the top of the observation tower. Take a selfie with our Acadian lighthouse or find a new-to-you outfit at the Out of the Closet Boutique thrift shop for your next beach session or restaurant outing. Indulge in a scrumptious ice-cream at Frostbites, a French patisserie at the R&J bakery or a pretzel at Monty’s Pretzelria. Don’t forget to check the Chalbaie craft shop to bring back locally crafted souvenirs!

Enjoy our legendary friendliness

Chaleur residents are among the friendliest people around. We’re proud to welcome you with generous smiles and excellent service. Chaleur means warmth – it’s in our nature!

*This blog was written with the collaboration of Arpenter le chemin*


Take your time. Fall in Love.

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